Just £159.99, CNC Refurbished Super Windows XP PC system with parallel port for CNC use, Intel Core 2 DUO E4400 2.0GHz DUAL core processor, 1GB RAM, 80GB Hard drive, CDROM drive, Windows XP Professional. PC base unit only. Comes with 1 year warranty and fully backed up after sales support. Ideal for home office/call centre and business use.

  • Value Windows XP professional PC System with windows xp professional latest service pack 3
  • Comes with parallel port for CNC machine connection
  • Dual core INTEL DUAL core processor 1.8ghz x 2
  • 1gb of memory , CDROM drive
  • 80gb hard drive with Windows XP Professional Installed.

Cost effective PC system. Ideal for home and home office with Windows 7 installed and ready to go. 1GB of RAM is ample for Windows XP and the DUAL core processor munches through everyday tasks such as internet,etc. Parallel port for CNC machine, USB ports x 6, Vga port for monitor, CDROM drive, 80gb hard drive, INTEL Dual core 1.8ghz x 2 processor, INTEL onboard graphics, Windows XP Professional installed, 1 year return to base warranty UK mainland. Very cost effective and ideal for home office/call centres. You will need your own monitor, keyboard, mouse, power lead(kettle lead), etc for this PC system. PC Base unit only. Item has parallel port for CNC use.

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