Musou VGA to HDMI Converter Adapter Cable Plus 3.5mm Audio Cable for HDTV 1080P, Desktop, Laptop, and Projector-Black

  • VGA to HDMI converter box can seamlessly transform your computer’s VGA video signal and associated audio signal to an HDMI-compatible format
  • Enable HDTV to connect desktop, laptop, projector or other devices with VGA interface
  • VGA to HDMI converter box is powered by using the USB port on your computer- no bulky external power adapter required
  • Support Max HDMI 1080p@60Hz input; support VGA 1080p or 720p output
  • Support SXGA/SGA/UGA (50/60/75HZ); max transmission bandwidth up to 5.1Gbps

*Note:Musou 24 hours customer service,help slove problem in time


The VGA to HDMI converter box converts analog VGA video and audio into digital HDMI for an enhanced home theater experience. This converter box supports VGA resolutions of up to 1080p that deliver sharp, bright and clear pictures in high quality. It also provides clear stereo-quality sound.

It is perfect for home entertainment center, conference rooms, trade shows or any environment requiring high quality video experience. With the help of this VGA to HDMI converter box ,you can use HDTV’s big screen when you make important graphical presentations in office; you can watch your favorite YouTube videos, play advanced video games, surf the web and more on your big screen HDTV.

How to Use?

Simply plug in a standard VGA video cable into the input port of the converter box along with a regular 3.5 mm audio cable, and then connect an HDMI cable from the converter to your HDTV.


VGA Input: Support up to SXGA/SGA/UGA (50/60/75HZ)
Audio Input: 3.5mm audio
HDMI resolution: Support up to 1080p, same format as input
Max transmission bandwidth: 5.1Gbps
Input Video signal: 0.5~1.5Volts p-p
Output DDC signal: 5Volts p-p (TTL)
Output cable distance: ≤15m(49ft) AWG26 HDMI standard cable
(Note: within a range of 10m/32ft will be better depend on the quality of your HDMI cable) Max working
current: 600mA
USB Power adapter: DC5V/1A
Operating Temperature range: (-15 to +55℃)
Operating Humidity range: 5 to 90%RH (No Condensation)
Dimension (L x W x H): 66x55x20mm (2.60 x2.17 x0.79 inches)
Net Weight: 40g (1.41 ounces)
Gross Weight: 90g (3.17 ounces)

Package Includes:
*VGA to HDMI converter box
*USB Power supply cable
*User Manual
(Note: Package does not include VGA video cable, HDMI cable and 3.5mm Audio cable)

Lowest Price: £11.99
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